Meet Cynthia W. Rojas, she/her

Story Artist

Cynthia’s love of storytelling shines through in all she does.

A life enthusiast, Cynthia tells personal stories that take an audience on a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and reflection. Her ability to transform everyday moments into captivating narrative makes her stories resonate with many.

Cynthia’s embrace of personal storytelling is rooted in the idea that we all experience extraordinary moments worthy of sharing with others. In each story — whether on stage or in a workshop — she explores a wide range of topics and perspectives.

She has performed throughout Connecticut at The Mouth-off, New Haven Storytellers, Story City Troupe, Tellabration, and in Boston at The Story Space and MassMouth. She recently told at Stories from the Stage, the only nationally syndicated storytelling televised show in the US (air date to be determined). Cynthia is the second-place winner of the Hartford Story Slam (November 2019) and the audience choice winner at the MassMouth Story Slam (January 2020).

When she is not performing, Cynthia teaches storytelling as a leadership tool to new and promising leaders. She also coaches professionals; the goal is for the professional to assess their unique skills and talents and, ultimately, have them form stories that relay their accomplishments. Such stories help build confidence and serve as a tool for career advancement. Individuals who work with Cynthia learn very quickly the power of a great story.

As a management consultant for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, Cynthia uses story in all her work, whether it’s team building, fundraising, professional development, or organizational identity. Cynthia sees storytelling as a pathway to empowerment and living our best lives — she encourages all to use storytelling to achieve these ends.