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Story artists of the Diaspora as share stories of their personal discoveries. Heartfelt stories of personal discovery. Identity awareness, heroes, ache of lost love, Stories of being and stories of being in the skin we’re in. Stories of being black and brown in America that transcend the arc between victim and saint.  Stories that connect us heart to heart as they deepen our empathy. Tellers include ChaChanna Simpson, Nick Baskerville, Denise Keyes Page, Jezrie Mercano – Courtney, Larry Castleberry and Cynthia Rojas.

Lift Every Voice

A curated show where story artists share a story that resonates with a specific lyric from this acclaimed Negro National Anthem.

To Be Young Gifted and Black

A personal narrative story concert performed by professional black and brown story artists of Ubuntu Storytellers.

Ms. Hansberry, author of “A Raisin in the Sun” coined the phrase “to be young gifted and black” when addressing a group of young, black students who had won a writing contest.

Pianist and Songstress, Nina Simone, captured by the depth and inspiration of the phrase, immortalized it by writing and performing a song so entitled in honor of her friend.

This sixty-minute oral story concert commemorates the spirit of playwright, Lorraine Hansberry, as well as the angst often vocalized by Ms. Simone by sharing true stories of the journey of black and brown people in America. These artists will share personal stories of the struggles, the victories and the lived spaces in between.

This show has been curated to celebrate the trailblazing artist Ms.Hansberry.


Stories of being black and brown in America. Stories of triumph and celebration despite…

Family Reunion

Full of joy and full of drama – ain’t no story like the Family Reunion stories. These stories may not be what you’re expecting.

Ase’, Our Ancestors, Ourselves

Professional Story Artists tell stories of or inspired by their ancestors. Stories anguish and loss, of mistake making and wisdom,  of strength and triumph , stories that give their descendants the spirit to go forward.