Meet Merrie Harrison

Merrie Harrison has been concerned about fairness and equality among people for as long as she can remember. Her interest in race and racism began in college when she became aware of the gross inequities in education between children of color and white children. Her personal experiences of working in many different Public Schools in New Haven, living in the suburbs and raising two bi-racial sons have given her the opportunity to witness the vast disparities firsthand.

Since retiring in 2014 from teaching for the New Haven Public School, she has dedicated herself to the endless quest for understanding related to the history and impact of racism. She has participated in many workshops, read countless books and articles and has been active in organizations focused on fighting racism. She is primarily interested in rooting out racism in herself and helping others do the same in order to establish a strong foundation on which to build lasting change in our communities and institutions. As a certified Narrative 4 facilitator, she has discovered storytelling as a way to utilize her natural abilities as a facilitator to encourage introspection as well as a deeper understanding and empathy for others. She brings all of that experience, passion and self – reflection to the Indaba Project Journey.

In addition to her leadership in this work she also serves as Executive Director of The Nest – Sanctuary for Women, a new non-profit in Madison, CT.