Meet Nisreen Rammal, she/her


Nisreen Rammal is a humanitarian expert from Lebanon who has worked for International NGOs to serve refugees and vulnerable fellow humans in the underserved communities of the Middle East and North African region for more than 15 years. She has years of experience facilitating workshops and seminars to empower the local communities in topics related to diversity, cultural competence, anti-racism and social justice and equity in various countries.

As someone who has referred to herself as a ‘global citizen’, she stands firmly on working every day to make a real difference in the world, starting with herself. In her work, through some of the most gruesome moments as well as the most tender, she is constantly reminded of the power of human connection. With every interaction, every act of listening and sharing, she believes that we become more connected to the broader human experience at large creating revolutionary moments.

Nisreen’s passion for story telling has been accompanying her since childhood, where she used to listen to stories told by the elders in her little home town in the Levant region. Having that in mind, Nisreen’s world and life was changed in ways she never thought possible by the stories of the people she worked with and served through her career. Realizing the magical power of story telling and what it can create, Nisreen is now adamant and eager to use her experience in the field and channel her obtained knowledge and skills towards empowering all people, to share their stories and continue to connect through wider audiences in order to move towards social change.