Meet Oni Lasana

Poet / Artist

Oni Lasana was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA with paternal roots in France, Africa, Barbados, and South Carolina with maternal roots in the Coushatta tribe of Louisiana. A spirit-driven multi-disciplinary, international storyteller, short story author, spoken word published poet, musician, music arranger, songwriter, jewelry artisan, performing and teaching artist. She learned of Ubuntu as a radio producer of a documentary on African freedom fighter, Steve Biko. Ubuntu is not only her personal mantra but a signature story and an original children’s song she wrote to engage youth to find common grounds during the racial tensions of Black Lives Matter. With Ubuntu, I am because we are, in her heart and soul, Oni shares fruitages of the spirits in her story offerings throughout the USA, Germany, Caribbean, and Zimbabwe.

Since 1994, her production company offers a variety of programs for theaters, schools, organizations, universities, festivals, libraries, storytelling, and woman’s conferences. Hailed as the “Voice of Dunbar” by Professor Nikki Giovanni, her theatrical one-woman plays, and published workshops on the works of poet & author, Paul Laurence Dunbar continues to educate and entertain for #Dunbar150, and in the award-winning audiobook, Hip-Hop Speaks to Children.

Independent audio productions: “Oni Lasana Doin’ Dunbar” as “‘Lias’ Mother” and “Sister Wings,” Spoken Word Songs Bass & Beats are available on SoundCloud and digital platforms. A 2021 Webby Award-winning voice talent in Podcasts: Limited Series & Specials-Diversity & Inclusion for African Folktales and Kwanzaa Time with Oni Lasana; Oni is coordinator of – a research and performance meetup on the life & works of Paul Laurence Dunbar. #Dunbar150

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