Storytelling Concerts

  • Stories are curated to meet the learning objects of each client
  • Stories are performed by multiple tellers
  • Story performance is 75- 90 minutes
  • Content is a mix of stories of “being” and stories of “being in the skin we’re in”

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Workshops: I.D.E.A – (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Anti Racism)

  • Deepening the Empathy: Facilitated dialogue, exercises and/or simulations to process the impact of shared stories and examine the role of our identity development on our practices.
  • Hearing Our Voices: Story development workshops: Staff and/or board uncover, hear and share their own stories of cultural paradigm formation and learn of others; client, coworker, neighbor. Facilitated dialogue and exercises provide a safe space to witness the impact of these learned norms on the group cohesion and effectiveness.
  • So What? Now What? Now we know it, what are we going to do about it? For staff and board leadership to develop more responsive policies and practices which serve your agency’s mission more sensitively and responsibly.

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Retreats – For a Deeper Dive

  • Ubuntu Storytelling Retreats are for those who want movement, action, change, results. Move from opened heart to head to hand in a relaxing, and energized environment. This time away from the daily routine and geography allows for participants to go deeper, faster. Deep dive results-driven format fosters movement from awareness to brainstorming concrete action.
  • Retreats are designed following client consultation and needs assessment. Desired outcomes are defined and curriculum is designed to foster those results.
  • Ubuntu Storytelling offers full service retreat accommodations. We can arrange all facility and logistical needs or workshop details only.

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