Meet Reverend Kevin (RevKev), he/him

Story Artist

Reverend Kevin (RevKev) Ewing moved to New Haven, CT to attend Yale Divinity School

RevKev has been telling stories all his life but never thought of himself as a storyteller. It was only recently that he realized what he did naturally is an actual discipline. He brings a vast array of personal stories from his experiences including Police Officer, Army Reserve Officer, Inner-city Community Organizer, Minister and living as a Black man in America. He also loves sharing folk stories and using his gifts to spread the stories of the voiceless.

RevKev is a firm believer that story is the tool that leads to better understanding. And with better understanding, we get closer to peace. To that end he founded Baobab Tree Studios, Inc. – a digital media content creation service.

RevKev is an ordained priest currently serving as the Associate Minister of Amistad United Church of Christ in Hartford, CT. He is also the Chaplain for the Pequonnock Yacht Club in City Point. He serves on many boards and advisory committees including the International Festival of Arts & Ideas and ArtSpace. He was a 2018 recipient of an Arts Award from the New Haven Arts Council. In his free time, (when there is free time) he chills on his sailboat.